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Adding custom fields to student records in a single course

Question asked by Matt Price on Nov 18, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2018 by Matt Price

I generally store a couple of extra pieces of information about my students in my local student records.  Usually these are things like:

  • Github ID
  • nickname
  • identifying story or "fun fact" that students fill out early on (I use this as a mnemonic device to get to know my students)

Is there a way for me to store this information in Canvas, in a way that is accessible via the API? RIght now I have to store it separately and then merge my datasets whenever I want to have access to everything (since students can drop out for most of the semester here, I have to keep updating the database before  I send out marks). 


I'm asking not as an admin but as a teacher, so I'm looking for a solution that's in htat authorization scope. 

Thanks everyone!