Naomi Enever

Using Canvas as a Trainer Matrix

Discussion created by Naomi Enever on Nov 21, 2018

Hi BrainsTrust,


I've been given a new project at work and I'm looking for suggestions on the best way to tackle it through Canvas, if it's possible.


Outline: We need to create a way for our trainers to demonstrate that they are meeting industry standards in their professional development - previously they've been given a long matrix to complete, which causes frequent problems when it comes to staff competence at using the document, clarity surrounding the information being requested, etc.


Idea #1: I've tossed around the idea of making an ePortfolio template in Canvas, and rolling that out to everyone to upload their research/files/evidence into. Each industry standard would be set as a "page" and the trainer could customise it (or not) to their own tastes or area of teaching.


Negatives to Idea #1: I can't see that there are any reporting capabilities in ePortfolios, therefore we have no way of managing staff use except to go around to each person and ask them if they're actively participating. And verifying their honesty...


Idea #2: Set up each industry standard as an ungraded assessment and assign Department staff into sections and assign assessments to sections, some standards will overlap, others will be specialised to the Department so others don't need access. This will allow us to generate analytic information on who's been engaging or not.


Negatives to Idea #2: This is more involved than an ePortfolio in setting up with managing a lot of "assessments".


Any thoughts, suggestions and helpful arguments are welcome! Help me look at the project from a new angle.