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Gradebook Policies & Submission Workflow State

Question asked by Expert on Nov 22, 2018

The introduction of the new gradebook policies for late and missing submissions have me wondering how to account for these new features within Canvas Data.  For example, 


  • Which courses have the settings enabled?  And which policy is set?  Are reasonable point reductions for late work in place or has there been a typo or error where there is somehow an 80% point reduction per day (or hour) in place.
  • If a grade such as a zero is automatically entered by the policy, is the workflow state then 'Graded' or 'Unsubmitted'?  What impact do the new policies have? 
  • Should there be a new grade_state to reflect the automated grade entry?
  • Does the auto entry of a zero (or other grade) register as a submission?  Does this receive a submission id?


These questions came to mind as I was exploring a bug within a Tableau report. For a yet to be determined reason I am seeing a count of submissions that do not have a corresponding 'Graded At' date.  My initial guess is this is an indication that the automated entry of a zero grade for missing work (or what ever point level is set by the policy) does not register as 'graded' in the submisison_dim.workflow.state. 


I'll explore the topic in more detail, but thought I'd ask the group if anyone has seen this and has it figured out.