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Tips for training a faculty member who will be training faculty members?

Discussion created by Solomon Klein on Nov 19, 2018
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Hello Canvas community,


I'm an Instructional & Learning Technology Specialist in the Faculty of Arts and Science at my higher ed institution. My role is mainly to support instructors in my faculty use Canvas effectively. I've been contracted out for four hours a week to work with someone in a different faculty, in order to train him to be able to help his faculty's instructors use Canvas (i.e., train him to have my role in his faculty). I'm looking for any advice, resources, and anything else the Canvas community can recommend to me for this sort of purpose. I have a few ideas already, e.g.:


- Kung Fu Canvas

- Canvas Instructure Orientation

- Introduction to Canvas docs


I'm sure there are many, many more high-quality resources for this sort of purpose, however. Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated.


Thank you!