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Creating and viewing individual teacher courses within a sub-account

Question asked by Bin Plotzker on Nov 21, 2018
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We are  a network of schools, aiming to create a single account with many layers of sub-accounts. Ex: SEN -----> New Jersey ---->   Pomona ----->   Nature Valley High ---> 5th Grade ----> Mrs. Ferguson.

The end line of the sub-accounts will be our teachers who teach multiple subjects . The teachers will be creating their own courses for each subject within their account (or we can set them up for them). 


When we access the teachers account from the sub-account menu, we only see the course name that we set up for the teacher, 'Mrs. Ferguson' and not any of the courses that the teacher created (math, science, etc.). Those courses go into the 'Manually created folder' of the teacher and not the main account that we can access. 


We originally used blueprint courses, but as each teacher has different subjects that they teach, it didn't serve our needs.

I would appreciate any input how to link the manually created courses into the sub-account, or any other way to set this up properly.


Thank you for your time and input,