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How can I go back to the previous grading rubric version where the entire box is shaded when you check it?

Question asked by Sean McPherson on Nov 21, 2018
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I use rubrics a LOT. Ever since the grading rubric went from shaded boxes to small triangles at the bottom of the boxes, it is driving me nuts!

  1. It's hard to tell which box I've clicked, which makes me slow down, making grading take longer.
  2. My top box is "Excellent," which shows up as a green triangle, but every other box is red, which is misleading. My second to the top box is "Satisfactory," but students keep asking me why it is coming up as red/bad, when "Satisfactory" is, technically, ok work.
  3. Because whether I've checked a box or not is now less clear, I've accidentally NOT checked a box, resulting in inaccurate grading, which makes me have to go back and regrade the work. This results in confused students and takes even more time for me to correct, thereby increasing my workload. 

It's come to the point where I'm a) not going to use the grading rubric feature and b) use my own offline rubric that I'll just email to students. 


Is there any way to go back to the prior version of grading rubrics where once you checked on a box, the entire box was shaded?