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SIS API section enrollment

Question asked by Jeremiah Ellington on Nov 26, 2018
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I'm having a problem enrolling students through the API and I'm hoping someone here can help.


This is the API command i'm attempting to use:

'POST', 'api/v1/sections/sis_section_id%3AsecId_'.$enr->system_class_id.'/enrollments'


Here is the error message i'm getting:


But I can navigate to the enrollment endpoint here:

I have also tried to replace the : after the sis_section_id with %3A URL ascii code but this produces the same result.


I'm not sure what has changed. I successfully used this enrollment method last semester to continually update course section enrollment add/drops.


Here is the json string i'm passing to the endpoint if it helps.


Thank you for your help!!!


Jeremiah Ellington

Holy Names University

Oakland, CA.