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Grading issues with Rise and Storyline Scorm files on Canvas

Question asked by Kenny Yu on Nov 27, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2020 by Jessica Hoskins

I could use some help troubleshooting why the gradebook only records the teachers completion some of the time. I have exported scorm files from Articulate Storyline and Rise and had them uploaded on canvas for teachers to use. Is this an issue other designers have had? If so, how did they address it? I have been manually entering grades for teachers who tell me they finished a rise or storyline, but the gradebook still shows 0/100. It is happening way too often and I have no idea why since it works for some people just fine.


For both Rise and Storyline Courses we are using SCORM 2004 3rd Edition. 


  • For Storyline, we are using a Course Completion Trigger to report grades and the grade reporting is set to Complete/Incomplete
  • For Rise, we are using % of course completed to track completion (set to 100%), which essentially means they have to get to the last slide and have completed all interactions within the Rise course (view all the tabs, click through all the slideshows). There is no option to set how it reports the grades for the Rise courses. 


In both cases, the moment a person starts the course, a grade of 0/100 gets reported to the gradebook. It will then replace the grade with 100/100 when the course is complete. OR AT LEAST IT SHOULD. This is only happening SOME of the time. I am trying to figure out why it sometimes works and sometimes doesn' it a browser issue? a SCORM settings issue? both? a Canvas issue? something else? Any input would be appreciated! Thank you!