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Help with formula questions

Question asked by Sara Davick on Nov 27, 2018
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I am attempting to create some formula questions for the first time. Because I have never used this question type before I am unsure what they will look like for my students.


Is there a way for me to see what the solutions would be? I can see a list of generated variables with a result. All of those results look like they are whole numbers, but they aren't. The results listed inside the question are not the actual solutions. At first glance, I thought Canvas had generated all possible results with whole number solutions. This is what I wanted. Once I solve the equations I find they aren't actually whole numbers. Why is this the case?


My main concern right now is that I want to have them only find whole number solutions. My students are not ready for decimal solutions at this point in time.


Is there a way for me to restrict the solutions to the problems generated? 


Why are the "results" listed not actually the solutions to the equations?


I will attach screenshots of the question I have created.


Thank you for any help you might give.