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Calculating time in Course from API User PageView Data

Question asked by Sean Keesler on Nov 29, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2019 by Sean Keesler

I'm pulling PageView data to see if I can calculate user time in the course. I see that each page view is marked with a session_id. For the purposes of this report, I'd like to be able to pivot around session length and then add up the lengths of the sessions to get a total time in course. I also see that each record includes a field for "interaction_seconds", so I could presumably get similar results by adding up all the seconds.


For an arbitrary user and this 1351 PageViews, there are 621 session_id's, but only 69 of those sessions have more than one page view. Most of these 'single view sessions' come from a Java user_agent and include api requests, so I assume it's the mobile app. These views also record no value for interaction_seconds.

I can see that only method I get 1.48 hours when adding up interaction_seconds and 1.6 hours when calculating by session length.


Has anyone else found a good way to use the PageView data to calculate time in course or to use the session_id to any great effect?