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Course Analytic & Student Analytic

Question asked by Tay Pei Chin on Nov 28, 2018
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We have few questions regarding the Course & Students Analytics.

Appreciate if you can help us to understand the followings:


Course Analytic

a) How does Canvas compute "Page Views"? Is this referring to every clicks in Canvas including all available feature
    within the course or referring ONLY to published "Pages"?

b) How does Canvas compute the "Participations" in Course Analytic? Does "Participations" consist of ALL types of
    activities regardless of if an activity is GRADED or NON-GRADED? Does Canvas count a late submission into

c) How does Canvas compute the "Submissions" in Course Analytic? Does "Submissions" ONLY consist of GRADED
    activities? Does Canvas count a late submission into "Submissions"?

d) If a student participated in a GRADED Discussion, does Canvas only count this attempt into "Submissions", but not        "Participation" or it contributes to both "Submissions" & "Participation"?

e) If a student contributed thrice and reply to others' thread in a Discussion, how does Canvas count the figure? 



Student Analytic

a) How does Canvas count "Communication"? Is this referring to contribution to a Discussion? or replying a thread in a
    Discussion? or replying to an announcement within the course?



Thank you.