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How to use iframe to display Storyline story.html in Files section in Canvas page

Question asked by Mark Marino on Nov 28, 2018
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I see a lot of out-of-date or incorrect information both on the Canvas support forums and the Articulate support forums and I'm hoping someone can explain how to do this.  It really shouldn't be that hard.


I have uploaded an Articulate Storyline course that was published for web up to my Canvas Files section and had Canvas expand the files for me. The entire course structure has been uploaded.


I cannot figure out how to get the Storyline course to show up in a Canvas page in my course.  I have tried a few different methods of referencing the launch file story.html in an iframe, but it is not working properly. 


I tried the methods mentioned here:… 

and here:


But neither method works as expected. 


I think part of the problem is figuring out what the URL to use to point to the story.html file in the Files section of the course so it can be plugged into the iframe.  


<div class="video">
<div class="videoWrapper"><iframe src="https:YOUR-URL-HERE.html" width="980" height="350"></iframe></div>



How do you determine what to plug in for YOUR-URL-HERE.html in the code snippet above???


Any help would be greatly appreciated!