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Content Migration API Date Issue [remove_dates]

Question asked by on Jul 31, 2015
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Heylo Everybody-


I'm having a bit of an issue with Course start/end dates in relationship with the [remove_dates] option.     


Context/Background:    We use course master courses that deploy to all our online and our f2f/blended courses via the Content Migration API.      We setup our modules to be locked until a certain week in the term in our course master courses in order to accomodate our online courses.      Therefore, when we send the Content Migration API for our online courses we use the [shift_dates]  = true.    We don't want any module dates of any kind in our F2F/Blended courses, so in the Content Migration API for them, we say [shift_dates] false, and then we put in:  date_shift_options [remove dates].     This is all working just hunkydory fine.


Problem is that the [remove dates] also removes the Course start/end dates.    I would have never thought it would, but it does (it also does this in the UI when importing content and selecting remove dates).      Well, ok, fine....  let's get these dates back in there, right?     Well, we run our Courses API every night and they don't get stuck back in.       


Why in the heck don't they go back in?      I understand that if we were to make any changes in the UI, that they would stick, but an API is not part of the UI.   


We have tried sending over the Courses API as "sticky" and it didn't work.


I have found that I can do a SIS Import in the UI and checkmark the Override UI Changes and that WILL put the dates back in.


Any advice on how to get these dates back in via an API would be GREATLY APPRECIATED.