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Canvas Authentication Setup

Question asked by Ernest Havermale on Nov 29, 2018
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I am having an issue with Canvas sending me to my live site for Oauth authentication instead of my test site. I posted earlier and was instructed to try again in another subject. My previous post provided me with this testing url 

Using this testing site I am encountering the same issue as my system.

When I set my server to

ID (95350000000000037)

Key (lWFlrQ8UTRuMwsiCPoiBEsVsBDMSu2mx6VtVF6ypMqsMerWtdoo4LIEhwnVpxvey)

and set the new key I created on my test side to redirect to I am still getting sent back to the live site instead of like I should be.


This only occurs if I haven't not logged into my test side on my current browser session. If I login in from the url then try to run my program it works fine.


The way I understand this to work is my program should prompt for a login and prompt the user to authorize the program to run, so they should have to login then run my program, unless I am misunderstanding how this should work.


Do anyone know if something is configured incorrectly or a setting that is forcing this redirection. 


Thank you.