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Is it possible to rename displayed roles?

Question asked by Kunal Ashar on Dec 1, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2018 by James Jones

We have an Instructure-hosted/managed version of Canvas. Some of the institutions that we work with have asked if we could rename "Student" to something else, like "Participant", and "Teacher" to "Learning Facilitator", and so on.


Is this possible? Remember, we don't use the open source version of Canvas.


I tried creating new roles based on Student and Teacher, and renaming those roles "Participant" and "Learning Facilitator" respectively, and changed the users' roles to the new ones, but Canvas still displays the base roles, which are Student and Teacher.


And since this is a hosted version, I can't even change the language, and add my custom language (in which I'd rename Student and Teacher).


What can I do?


Thanks in advance.