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Why can other students not view the assignments posted to my ePortfolios?

Question asked by Emily Sindel on Dec 2, 2018
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Why can other students not view the assignments posted to my ePorfolios? 


We have an ePortfolio assignment for a class, a few other students and I have made them/ shared the urls so other students can see them. we can navigate around in the portfolio just fine but when you click on one of the assignments we have shared it pops up with a window that says you have no access to it. I have looked ever wear I could to find an answer to this and have come up with nothing. since this is the final assignment in the class I would like to find a solution or at least an answer I can give to our teacher as to why we can not view them. I'm hoping we overlooked something trivial but we need help.

Things I have tried: 

making the profile public 

making the profile private

Re-uploading assignments

running the browser as admin (I kinda knew that one wouldn't do much) 

Different browsers

Looking for a different set of permissions other than public and private (Found none except for the comments section) 

Recreating the ePortfolio (this was a pain)

Clicking every button on the wizard and in the ePortfolio section (also a pain)