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Oauth2 Flow - Google Sheets/Scripts

Question asked by Daniel Olivas on Dec 4, 2018
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Is there documentation out there geared for those of us who want to build apps in Google?


We have a Course Creator  Google Form that kicks off a Google Script when submitted.  The script makes the API Call. This needs to be configured so that it can be used by multiple users.  This is where I'm lost .  I don't know how to setup the Oauth2 Flow.  


According to Canvas (OAuth2 - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation ).  


Step 1.  Redirect users to request Canvas access


How do I know what my client_id is? Is that the 17 digit long number in the Details column on the Developer Keys Page?  I also don't know what to send as the redirect_uri?  I'm not sure where to find that in Google Script/Cloud Console.


And for Step 3. Exchange the code for the final access token


Where do I configure a client_secret?  Do I need to register the app first? If so, how? And again, how do I found out what the redirect_uri would be when using a Google Form/Script as my app?