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Any luck with students viewing multiple submissions to the same Assignment?

Question asked by Michael Maguire on Dec 1, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2018 by Kona Jones

I've seen this come up before with other Canvas users, and it remains frustrating that it seems not to have been addressed.  Pardon me if it has, and, if so, please direct me to the solution.  Since I'm not skilled with the technical infrastructure of the Canvas LMS, perhaps I don't know how complicated a solution to this issue would be.  And, as a regular user (4 Canvas courses per-semester), this issue remains an annoyance and inconvenience.  Here's the deal:


  • Students are working on a semester-long group project for which they must submit multiple files - a.k.a. "Artifacts [my language, not the Canvas 'artifact' language]" - to the same assignment throughout the semester. 
  • For the first assignment file(s) submitted on the same date at the same time, Canvas uploads the file(s), with its default time- and date-stamps.
  • For the next assignment file(s) submitted, on a different date/time, the student(s) is/are greeted with a "Re-submit Assignment" button, click that (misleading) button, submit the new files, and Canvas uploads the additional file(s), with its default time- and date-stamps.   However, from a Student's view, it seems as if the prior file(s) submitted is/are deleted or otherwise disappear - when, in fact, Canvas has uploaded the file(s).  The student(s) is/are only able to view the most recent files submitted to the same assignment.
  • As the Instructor, I can see all files submitted, by time- and date-stamps.


My questions:


  1. Why label the button, "Re-submit Assignment?"  For assignments like mine, that require multiple file submissions - many of which would be submitted at a different time/date - the term "Re-submit" is confusing to students - especially if this is the student's first time using the Canvas LMS.  I suggest either a different label ["New submission"], or an additional button.
  2. If Canvas LMS personnel think Instructors are concerned about edits to submissions after due dates, why not just lock all submissions by default?
  3. And, most important, why can't there be a simple way for students to confirm earlier submissions to the same assignment by viewing those earlier submitted files?

Footnote:  I'm reticent to wade into the morass of submitting ideas for voting, etc.  I just need to use the LMS and have it work efficiently.  I simply don't have time to follow an ongoing issue, wait for votes, and wait for Canvas to catch up to the real needs of my students and me.  Thanks! Michael Maguire, Faculty Associate, University of Wisconsin-Madison,