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Accepted Payment Gateways for Catalog

Question asked by Jaclyn Smith on Dec 4, 2018
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Catalog Users Group Canvas Admins Hello! I'm wondering if anyone in the community has an updated list of accepted/integrated payment gateways for the Catalog? I have an older list of accepted gateways but wanted to see if additional have been added. There isn't an available list anywhere I've seen.


My list:

* Cashnet
* Cybersource
* Digital River
* PayU
* Paypal (only accepts PayPal payments)
* Payflow (supports Paypal payments and credit card payments - must also have a PayPal business account)
* Telemoney
* Touchnet



Specifically, does anyone know if BrainTree is an option for Catalog yet? Jessica Sowalsky At Instructurecon, you and your team presented on your payment gateways. Are you still using Or have you heard of any other successful payment gateways? We are currently using PayPal and have found it's not working the way we want it to (doesn't match user info in catalog, doesn't accept guest checkout etc.)