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Mass Deletion of a Semester of Courses

Question asked by Barb Stephens (Admin) on Dec 5, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2018 by Rob Ditto

We are closing in on our max storage with Canvas, and with 7+ years of courses online, want to start archiving courses. By archiving, I mean at minimum removing/deleting old, old courses completely from Canvas, one term/semester at a time. Ideally, archiving would be preceded by a way to make mass backups of courses’ content first, but I’m going to skip that unless someone has a great answer. We would alert faculty and provide instructions on how they can backup their courses and gradebooks, before we delete them.


In the absence of any tools in Canvas, I’d like to know just what steps this would take. I imagine a reverse SIS Import of the courses (we go by semester) with status=deleted would be a quick way to mass delete the courses, along with reverse SIS Import of term(s) with status=deleted to remove that. Is there anything else needed? What are other considerations and implications to these actions? Or is there a better way?