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Quiz questions not visible to some students

Question asked by Theresa Dorn on Dec 6, 2018
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Under what circumstances would only a few students not be able to see quiz questions?

They do not show up in the stats with a grade. I thought that might tell me if they had opened it and then didn't click anything, including the Submit button. 

It is just a peer review questionnaire, not important towards their grade, unless they don't take it.

I asked the student to send me a screen shot. This is what I can see.

Under the title of the quiz 

Started: Dec 5 at 12:12 am

Under Time Elapsed: 

it says   20 hours, 8 minutes

At the bottom, next to the Submit button

Quiz saved at 8:20am


Can we just go into the quiz and add a new assignment to allow them to retake the quiz?

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