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Identifying Instructor's Courses in a Course csv

Discussion created by Ariel Jagusztyn on Dec 6, 2018
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I'm hoping someone can share a practice they are using. In my courses.csv file, I have given the course code (short name) a name that included the course code + instructor's last name + year, e.g. "ENG 101_MBOGO_2018". However, I cannot leave them like this because it causes problems with our transcripts as the course code as is is carried over.


I do this because when I am looking at a csv file with a large amount of courses, I can easily identify who's course is whose and if it's already been used. 


Can anyone share what they do for csv files for courses in identifying instructor's courses? The only option I see is going into the UI and changing the course code because the ID field is sticky and then it won't update from my csv file, but I can still see the names there. 


Any help would be appreciated.


Thank you.