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Converting arithmetic questions incorporating random variables from Desire2Learn

Question asked by prhutson on Jul 30, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2015 by Mike Cowen

I am hoping to move from D2L to Canvas for my pharmacokinetics course this fall, but am having difficulty both converting my equations from D2L to Canvas, and finding the syntax guides in Canvas Help.  Here is a sample question, with the variables that I seek to shuffle every time a student take the question given in the standard D2L curly brackets{}:


"Please calculate (to nearest mg) the dose required to achieve a steady-state tobramycin concentration of {Cd} one hour after the end of a 1 hour IV infusion.  Assume the drug is given every 12 hours.  From a previous admission, we have the following parameters, if needed.

Vbeta = {Vb} L/kg

half-life = {T} hrs

Patient current weight = {W} kg"


The formula that is being used to test the student's answer is:



which should look like:


Example for Canvas.jpg

Can anyone help with changes to my coding of the question and solution formula for CANVAS?