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Grades that aren't in a Grade Period

Question asked by Lea Walker on Dec 10, 2018
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I recently set up grade periods for the upcoming second semester (6W4, 6W5, 6W6) but did not want to mess with our current grades in 6W3. Is it an issue that they aren’t “in” a created grade period?? The current grades are viewable when "All Grading Periods" view is selected but the Total column isn't correct....  In most cases the Total is showing 0%.


Total seems to be mirroring 6W6 Daily grade category which in most cases is blank ( because it's a future grade period) except for one teacher that has an assignment with no due date that defaults to 6W6.


So if I do have to have them included in a grade period, would it mess anything up to create it mid-period?? 


Thank you for any help!