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Include Deep Link with Common Cartridge v1p3 - or manually

Question asked by Jason Klins on Dec 7, 2018
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I was wondering if anyone might be able to share with me the general xml format necessary to include a deep link in a common cartridge v1p3 that could be ingested into canvas....or at least a way to manually add a deep link in canvas.  


Note: I am using the free for teachers site 


I have basiclti_link resources working fine, but I'd like to experiment with passing a resource back to Canvas. 

Eg. Instructor goes to a page, finds a resource, we pass back a link to be added to the course for that resource (or a similar workflow for an assignment).


From what I can tell, I need the resource type (or lti_message_type) to be "ContentItemSelectionRequest" but I don't know how to tell canvas this is what I want. 

I would like to do this via common cartridge, so does anyone know how I might have to change the following (I'm would also like to do this so it validates through IMS Global):


In imsmanifest.xml:


<resource identifier="ie0930b144aee4713a136eeb817bf23bb" type="imsbasiclti_xmlv1p3">

<file href="data/ie0930b144aee4713a136eeb817bf23bb.xml"/>


In data/ie0930b144aee4713a136eeb817bf23bb.xml


xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">
<blti:title>Test Title</blti:title>
<blti:description>Test Description</blti:description>



Regarding adding a deep link manually, I tried going to Adding Deep Links and Embed Codes in Canvas – Learning Tools 


But from what I can tell, when I open the link, I still do not have the parameters I would need to fully implement (eg. lti_message_type = ContentItemSelectionRequest, content_item_return_url = "whereToPostBackToCanvas")


I'm very new to all of this, so any help or direction would be very much appreciated.