Gideon Williams

Cloud Assignments not working...

Discussion created by Gideon Williams Champion on Dec 9, 2018

Incredibly disappointing to find that Cloud Assignments are not working. No information shared about this and the first I know is (by chance) when I was testing one for a colleague.


We have first line support and I contacted Canvas. I then spend a lot of time explaining what the issue was and then having to wait to find that there was a problem. How much time would be saved if this information was available to check?


Appreciate there is Canvas Labs but not everything is added to it.


Later a Canvas support colleague mentioned that there was an issue that the engineers were looking at and a fix was being tested. it would then be added to the Beta environment - to test before eventually being added to the live environment.


I would like to know exactly what the issue is and why we continue to have problems with this integration. Difficult to promote this tool with colleagues when you lack confidence in it!