Jennifer Lubkin Chavez

Cross-listing vs sections vs groups--What are the functional differences?

Discussion created by Jennifer Lubkin Chavez on Dec 10, 2018
Latest reply on May 6, 2020 by Jennifer Lubkin Chavez

I'm trying to better understand the difference between adding a section to a course in course settings, cross-listing a course, and creating groups in a course. My understanding is that one big difference is whether you want students to be able to see/communicate with all students across all related courses; if you don't...cross-listing with that option disabled is the way to go, right? And groups have dedicated group workspaces. What other differences are there, particularly in terms of what instructors or students are able to do/see. Any of these would give me the ability to message or assign work to a particular group of students; are there any differences? What other options do I have, based on the route I choose, for creating a differentiated Canvas experience for different cohorts of students?