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Copying Images from Free to Paid Canvas Courses

Question asked by Brett Kisker on Dec 10, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2018 by ysmalls

I am a teacher, and I began using Canvas years ago. This past year, my school district became a paid Canvas school district. This means I now have SIS-integrated features, etc. with our school district's subscription. Previously, I was part of the Project Lead the Way group OR I was using the free version of Canvas. This means my kids were either logging in to the PLTW server on Instructure or they were using free accounts.


This year, unlike previous years, I am having lots of issues with broken image links. According to our IT people, the issue appears to limited to images copied from my free Canvas courses into our new district system. Images uploaded this year appear correctly. 


I have no idea how to address this problem other than going and looking into the source of each image individually, and because I have many image in the course this will take an eternity! Flickr is not a suitable solution because it is blocked by our filter, and my request to unblock Flickr was met with a firm denial.


Is there an easy way to address this issue? 


If I collaborate with teachers from other districts in a Sandbox-type course, will this issue prevent images I place from appearing for their students if they copy an assignment into their own systems?


Any help is appreciated. Thanks!