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Adding ungraded column in grade book

Question asked by Brian Macon on Dec 10, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2018 by Linda Morse

I want to use the score on a final exam to replace a low test score, I do not want to drop a low test. I want to put a column/assignment in my grade book to keep a record of the score that was replaced, but I don't want this column to count towards the course average.


For example, lets suppose a student earned grades of 60, 70, 80, and 90 on the 4 chapter tests. If that students get an 85 on the final exam, then their final counts as 85 (out of 100) and the 60 becomes an 85. Now all 5 test scores are: 85, 70, 80, 90, and 85.


Things i have tried that are not working as I want:

1) Made assignment ungraded, then column doesn't appear in gradbook

2) Make assignment worth 0 points, but when i put in a score it is adding to students grade and thus is acting like extra credit.

3) When I mute an assignment it still effects their grade

4) If I change the score of a test (replacing score from final) I can see the Grade History for the student, so this seems initially that it works. However, when I export the grades the exported file does not show me the grade history and thus I don't see the original score that was replaced.


Any ideas on what I can do?


Update: I found a work around. Make the final out of 200 points and double their score, then drop a low test grade.

I will tell Canvas to drop a low test grade, so the student will see the 60 score with an x next to it. I will make the final count twice so it will replace the low grade. In order to make the final count twice I have to make the final out of 200 and double the score. In my example above, the student scored an 85 on the final, so in the gradebook the student will see a grade of 85x2 = 170 (out of 200) for the final.


I would much prefer to do what I describe above as this work around will be confusing for students when they see their grades and a dropped test score. I can send a message and explain to them but some may still be confused.


Is that possible to add a column/assignment without the assignment changing the course average?