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Managing "menu" assignments in Canvas grade-book

Question asked by Laura Widenor on Dec 10, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 1, 2019 by Kona Jones

Hi all!


I have a professor who has created 30% of his grade as optional "menu" of assignments. We are struggling with the best way to calculate these in the grade-book. To this point, my role with the university has not been involved in this process, so I am not sure if I am on the right track - Id' really appreciate the help of anyone who has dealt with this before.


Students all fill out a contract ahead of time to indicate the projects that they want to complete and "choose" the grade they want to achieve.  Essentially, if they do none of the projects, then they can receive a D (that is if they did all the required work), but to receive a higher grade, they must complete these projects.


Exempting students from these assignments in the Canvas grade-book isn't working as then it is taken out of the total equation of points.  I've suggested to the professor a couple of things:

  1. Set up an assignment group that is worth the 30% (I am not sure if this is really necessary as the whole class is based off of 1000 points, but it does help organize the grouping.
  2. excuse students only for assignments beyond the 300 points (as technically the total could be higher), but then give a grade of zero on the assignments students didn't choose to complete?
  3. Have each of the assignments in the course for submission purposes, but each is worth zero points. Then there is one larger assignment worth the 300 points with a rubric for each of the other assignments.


Help me think this through please! Thanks!