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Make graded quizzes not count towards final grade

Question asked by Lynn Roginsky on Dec 11, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2020 by Laura Shulman

How can I make a graded quiz not count towards final grade? You can do this for "assignments" but not for online quizzes?


I have 14 total quizzes, each worth about 10 pts each (some are worth bit more than 10), for a total of 146.85 pts. These "quizzes" are called "homework assignments" in my course. 


For the final grade, I calculate a "homework final" where their total quiz grade is converted to a grade out of 100 (rather than 146.85). 


I add a column to the gradebook called "homework final" showing their grade out of 100. However, I need to make each each of the 14 individual quizzes not count towards their final grade in order for students to have an accurate final grade in their gradebook. Currently, their average is being figured based on the both the "homework final" column (146.85 pts) and the grade for each individual quiz (which together add up to 146.85 pts). So their final point total is now 146.85 too many because the grade is being counted twice. 


Students still need to be able to see their grade for each of the 14 quizzes. We cannot delete graded assignments!  A work around could be to change each of the 14 quizzes to a "practice quiz" or "ungraded survey". However, when I do so,  the column disappears from their gradebook which is not acceptable. Is there way to keep the "practice quiz" or "ungraded survey" in their gradebook?


I do not use weighted grades. I used points.