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Question asked by Amy Kaku on Dec 12, 2018
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Learning about social studies helps one to better understand how climate hcage affects Hawaii because it can connect it to economics, geography and anthropology.



  1. Tourism is main source of income
  2. Makes up our Hawaii economy


  1. With climate change our islands are slowly starting to experience more tropical storms and bipolar weather
  2. Tourists like it and will stay at hotel.
  3. Government would have to pay more funds after natural disassters
  4. Japan payed over 500 billion dollars on natural disasters this year
  5. Natural disasters uuujjjhappens the economy goes down because there is a limited amount of supply needed to be saved

     SUPPLY- a stock of a recorce from which a person or place can be provided with the nessesary amount of the recorce

  1. Demand also goes p as we live in a world of plastic today

     DEMAND: the quantity of a product which the consumers are willng to purchase in a give period of time


As more green house gases are released from factories, it crates a chain reaction.



  1. The location we live in also plays a factor in how climate change affects us

     LOCATION: a particular place


  1. We live int eh middle pof the pacific ocean
  2. We live in the pacific REGION which includes places such as California, Alaska, etc.

REGION: an area of division, especially part of a country or the world having definable characteristics but not always fied boundaries

  1. We are more prone to storms, hurricanes etc.
  2. Houses located on thecoastline have experienced flooding
  3. In the movie, “there once was an island” is an example of human enviroental interacions where the citizens were directly affected by the changes in their environment



  1. Who is behind all of this? We are.
  2. At some levels, the government holds more responsibility, but ultimately, it is us that causes all of the damage
  3. Climate change creates global problems that found ways to directly affect our SOCIETY

SOCIETY: a group of people that share a common way of life

  1. Citezens of Takuu they were one of the first people to face problems created by global warming and sea levels
  2. This was a drastic change fro them, they had to migrate to an unknown land, only being able to take their CULTURE AS AN ABSTRACTION with them

CULTURE AS AN ABSTRACTION: comprehension of the parts of something that is interconnected and can only be explained by refrencing the thing as a whole

  1. A lot of our biases and point of view are also all connected to anthropology as we like to live by what the majority wants
  2. A lot of awareness is being spread but people are biased and easily distracted by other direct issues



Social studies can help you understand why killing animals for goods started by history, anthropology and geography.



      Bias – inclination or prejudice for or againsed someone of something


Authenticity – how truthful or genuine a document is





Material culture – people represent cultyre by using hman made goods

Cultural pride – feeling that they are superior to another group



Location – cotains the characteristic, chimate, landform ,recourses and cities


Adapt to their environment (HEI)


Guns, germs, steel- we learned that some places have certain recourses that oth