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Question asked by Amy Kaku on Dec 12, 2018
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A couple weeks ago (Within the past couple years), videos on social media started emerging. They featured lambs being tortured for Sherpa jackets for Forever 21, rhinos being killed for their tusks that contain a special salt and male chickens dying ruthlessly while being slammed on metal bars because they had no use to the farms. We were shocked, disgusted and just confused to think that these animals go through. Social studies can help you understand why killing animals for goods started by history, anthropology and geography.


So how did the practice of killing animals for the use of goods start? Using history we can take a closer of why we do it. One third of Americans believe that animals should have the same rights as humans. However, 0.5 percent of Americans are actually vegetarian. We have a bias that animals should not be torchered but we still eat them. Bias means cause to feel or show inclination or prejudice for or against someone or something. This is because we have an image that the food we eat are animals that are not torchered. The process of our food’s authenticity, are blurred.


When we learn more about Anthropology we can understand the cultural reasons of using animals as goods. In some places people really on animals for goods. This is an example of material culture, where people represent culture by using human made goods. For example, bear bile in China. The chineese have cultural pride, feeling that they are supierior to another group, because believe when they take this traditional medicine this will make them healthy.



Third, when we look at geography, this can help us explain about why killing animals are so common to some places. In the movie Guns, germs and steel, it talked about how some countries became more evoluted because of their location, which contains the characteristics, climate, landforms, recourses and cities. Some places like ___________, had factors like an abundant amount of _____ and cold weather. They had to adapt to their environment by using these animals for fur jackets and blankets to survive the winter.


Social studies can help you understand about the ethics of killing animals because there are so many factors on why we use these animals. History shows that even though we know that killing animals are looked down on, many of us over the years have done nothing. Anthropology shows us that animals have different cultural meanings to different cultures. Lastly, geography shows us that different locations have different adaptations.