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Google Drive LTI and Group Assignments

Question asked by Peter Hess on Dec 13, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2019 by Nancy Latimer

We have installed the Google Drive LTI.


Although the documentation is very clear that "External Tool" assignments can't be group assignments, nowhere could I find documented that when the Submission Type is a "file upload", a document cannot be submitted from Google Drive as a group assignment.  Nothing in the interface seems suggests this won't work.  The Google Drive tab appears for the student, and if selected she can select from her Google Drive docs. However when tried, the "submitted" document does not appear in SpeedGrader and there is no sign in the grade book that there has been a submission. The student who attempted to submit the document receives no message suggesting that the submission failed.


Some relevant documentation is here: How do I upload a file from Google Drive as an assignment submission in Canvas?


My questions:  Is this expected behavior? Am I doing something wrong?  

I'd like to know if either of these are the case before filing a ticket.