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Discussion created by Jason Johnston on Dec 12, 2018
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I've been on a couple of long support chats with for this - each time they "escalate" it then I haven't heard anything back, so I thought I would put it out to the community here:


I developed an important end of the year exam (85 questions) in Quizzes.Next (I thought since it was out of beta it would be fully functioning, but I was wrong - can't go back now - my mistake). Administration is wanting item analysis reports and there are two related problems:


1) I can't remove test students from the results (I delete them from the section, still there, I go back into student and reset, still there, and various combinations). There is no preview in quizzes.next, so I had did a few student attempts.

2) For any question that had a stimulus, the report only shows for the test student, not the actual students - so the report is incomplete, though if you look in speedgrader all the information is there. We have complete exams with every question answered by all 26 students (which is good at least! praise be!). Quizzes.next has no export function - and I can't pull it back into a regular quiz format.


I knew if I put it out here I would get the smartest minds on the problem...any suggestions?