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Non-Scoring Rubrics

Question asked by Nancy LaChance on Dec 14, 2018
Latest reply on May 30, 2019 by Nancy LaChance

We use non-scoring rubrics to provide feedback and information to students in areas that are not assignment-based.  For example, we have a rubric that helps students see how they are progressing in their required clinical activities.  This is not a graded activity, but it is required.  We have been using non-scoring rubrics to provide this feedback and it is a great way to let the students know how well they are doing.


We have set the assignment to 0 points.  The rubric uses points in order to differentiate the ratings so they can see how well they meet each criterion.  The rubric is set to be non-scoring so the point values do not display to students.

However, when using the rubric, the calculated points DO display in the points area of the assignment.  So even though the assignment is worth 0 points, students will still see the points they have received from the rubric.


We have started setting the grade display as Complete/Incomplete, which does seem to resolve the problem, but we were wondering if there are any other options for providing feedback via the rubric without actually having a score populated.