Canvas Permissions for Specific Roles - Share Yours!

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Hi all,


On the Hidden Canvas Permissions thread there was some discussion of sharing permission structures that work for people. I don't want them to get lost on the other thread, so I thought we could start this place to compare notes and give new admins or admins creating new roles a place to start for general permissions. I've been pondering how to communicate this and the best I've come up with is an excel document with all of the course and account level permissions. I can't think of an easier way that wouldn't be a giant pain to update as Canvas makes edits.

I've attached the sheets I came up with, anyone interested is welcome to help make them prettier or easier to use


My thought is if you are willing, share the name of the role and the intended behavior of the role along with the permissions you have set to make that happen. If there are specific questions/comments feel free to speak up, and then we'll all learn from one another.

Here's my suggested template, feel free to adjust:


Role Name:

Account or Course level Role:

Role Intended Behavior:

(Attach Filled out Excel sheet with permission)

Because there will almost certainly have to be edits to roles as Canvas edits permissions, I'm going to post mine in the comments.


Thanks all!