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Is it possible to get individual "Quiz Statistics" for cross-listed sections?

Question asked by H Dean Hines Jr on Dec 16, 2018
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I'm doing some end of semester "slicing and dicing" of the Final Exam and how each of my sections did both individually, and also comparatively across all sections (my course is part of the core of the degree, and I have submit Assurance of Learning reports showing not only learning, but also that all sections are performing equally).  I cross-list 4 sections.  I know that I can click on the the "quiz statistics" and then view the online graphical report by "merged" (all four sections reported as one), or using the drop-down to report by each individual section. However, when I do to download the actual spreadsheet report, it only gives me for all sections combined, even when I run it from one of the specific section.