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Grading student discussion board posts...

Question asked by Aaron PeeksMease on Jul 30, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2019 by Andrew McCann

Hello. I am wondering if Canvas or an external application has the capability to show me how many posts all students have made throughout the semester in a graded discussion forum. At the end of the semester, I create a curve based on the average number of posts students make and thus I need to know how many posts each student has made throughout the semester. For example, the number of posts often range from 0 to 70. In Blackboard and Moodle, when grading the discussion board posts, I am given a summary that includes a list of students with how many posts each student has made. I am also provided with the average number of posts and other statistics related to their discussion board posts.


Thank you for any help you can provide.