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Copied a Course and Wiki Pages have "-3" in their titles

Question asked by Marylynne Diggs on Jul 28, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2015 by Marylynne Diggs

Hi Folks,

I've copied a class before and not had this problem, but I've never copied a class into two different sections before.  There appears to be an "-3" extension at the end of all wiki page titles, and if I click pages> view all (which I never normally do, and Pages is not enabled in navigation for students) each page has multiple copies.  I don't know whether I'm copying wrong or whether it is because I copied twice to correct a different problem.  I thought I was kind of syncing new info rather than copying double the content.


Here's what I did, step by step:

1. I copied a course into my 2 Fall sections and then realized it would be easier to copy to just one of those, and then copy that new, edited one to the 2nd one

2. Copying into the first went fine, and I revised the first course as needed and copied it to the the 2nd (which already had the first copy job in it)  Well, it duplicated everything rather than copying over what I had initially copied, so I had a course with two versions of each module (one out of date, and one not but with a "-2" extension on all wiki page titles.

3. So I deleted the content of the 2nd course (module by module, from scratch) and copied again.  This time, there is no duplication, but there is a "-3"  added to the title of each wiki page.  I'm guessing it's one for each of the various copy jobs.


How do I copy again without merely getting "-4" in the wiki page titles?

I tried to delete each "-3", but upon saving, they become "-2", so that isn't working either.


I would appreciate any suggestions or insights anyone might have.