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Front Page I Created in a Group Doesn't Show Up

Question asked by Sharlene Toney on Dec 18, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2018 by Susan Nugent

Hello Everyone,


Before I report a problem, I want to be sure that I am doing this correctly.  I have 6 groups that I have created for my spring class.  I just finished setting up everything in Group #1.  I went into Pages in that group and created a front page with information about their group work.  I published it and set it as the front page; however, when I go back to the landing page for the small group, the page I created does not show up.  Am I missing something here or is this a glitch I should report to our tech support?  I have refreshed the page, cleared cache, and gone into Pages and confirmed that it shows as published and with the little Front Page icon next to it.  I have attached screenshots if that helps. Thoughts?