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Can the "Owner" of an Issuer be an email group?

Question asked by Diana Perpich on Dec 20, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2019 by Steve Gance

I see my email address listed as the "Issuer." I know I can pass the Owner role on to another individual, but that person doesn't want to be the sole contact for a program that awards 1000 badges a year any more that I do.


The email address associated with the Issuer should be the best first contact for the program.  That might be the Owner, or it might be another individual, or, in our case, the email group for the program team.


I understand the importance of having a single human identified as the ultimate responsible person. The buck stops somewhere; on someone's desk and not in an empty conference room. But the Issuer is just as likely to be an organization -- particularly at University scale -- with a representative email address and dedicated individuals charged with triage.