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Can we suppress email notification when a badge is earned?

Question asked by Diana Perpich on Dec 20, 2018
Latest reply on May 9, 2019 by Kim Hammond

We are only just beginning our pilot projects in Canvas+Badgr, but everyone is already asking for a way to suppress the Congratulations! email.  Why? 


A significant benefit of the LTI integration is keeping everything in one place.  Students see which badges they've earned by clicking Badges in the site navigation.  They will be confused by the email:  Why is my badge here?, I thought it was at the site. Do I have to keep this email forever??  Do I have to download it? Do I have to somehow get the badge out of my email and give it to my instructor? Maybe I'll just forward my instructor this email to be sure.


It seems like the email serves two purposes:


1-- to announce the badge has been earned.  The LTI already does that.  The Badges page checks for new badges as soon as you click it.  Additionally, the instructor can add a "Badge Earned" page to the module.


2-- to inform students about storage, access, and their rights.  That's boilerplate, policy text and it seems more appropriate to make it always available via a link on the page where their badges are listed. In a 140-word message, 134 of them shouldn't be the same every time.  That feels like spam.


Since both purposes can (and should) be met right in the LMS just-in-time, the email feels unnecessary. 


There's also the concern that the email is coming from, which won't mean anything to students earning the badge via the Canvas integration; it isn't enough to just include the Issuer in a complex learning environment.  The same Issuer might appear across programs and disciplines.  Context matters.  They get that context at the Canvas site, and any email about something that happened at that site should probably include, at least, the course name.