Steve Boulton

Please may we have standardisation of language surrounding Canvas Conversations

Discussion created by Steve Boulton on Dec 19, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2018 by Eric Werth

Canvas contains a messaging service with each user having their own 'Inbox' in the left hand global Canvas menu, from which they can send 'messages' to other Canvas users. So far, so normal. When one goes into the notification settings, however, here the option to switch notifications on for incoming messages via this tool refers to it as 'Conversations', with the messages being 'Conversation messages'.


Would it not be more appropriate for the same language to be used in both places? Either call the inbox area 'Conversations' in the left hand menu or, if you wish to stick with 'Inbox' there, when you go into notifications make the heading for that area also 'Inbox' and talk about the notifications relating to 'messages' and not 'conversations'? 


I know several academic members of staff at our institution who have been tripped up by this. They have missed messages due to not having their 'Conversations' notifications on because they didn't know what that notification setting was all about. They just assumed (incorrectly) that if someone sent them a message using the Inbox/messages tool it would turn up in their work (Outlook) email account.


Alternatively, if it is possible to ditch the Inbox tool entirely at institutional level that would be an option we could consider. With plenty of other means of communication within a course, I think as it stands the Inbox area is just a place where stuff can get missed.