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Issue with muted and unpublished assignments?

Question asked by Emma (SP) Young on Dec 20, 2018
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We are about to enable the new gradebook system-wide and we have noticed some potentially confusing behavior.

In the 'old' gradebook, unpublished assignments were not displayed and therefore could not be muted; only published assignments could be muted.


Once the published assignment had been muted, there was a clear indication of its status to both instructor and student, in the form of a bell icon with a line through it.


That icon has been replaced on the individual grade column by text, which is now after the name of the assignment/quiz. Given that columns are easily made smaller, that text could now be hidden.


In the new gradebook, a gradebook column now represents unpublished assignments.


The potentially confusing behavior happens if an assignment is published, muted, and then unpublished. What happens under those circumstances is that the total grade displays the muted bell icon and the message "This grade differs from the student's view of the grade because some assignments are muted.” However, since the muted assignment is now unpublished there is nothing to indicate to the instructor which assignment was muted.


In fact, the only way to know which assignment(s) were muted would be by publishing them.


This is would mean a less than ideal experience for students.


This is especially concerning as we advise our instructors to unmute all assignments before transferring final grades.


I was also able to grade a 'student' then mute and unpublish the assignment, which has the effect of rendering that grade invisible.


In order to prevent confusion we would like to see the following changes addressed:


1. A way to indicate if an unpublished assignment is muted


2. A way to indicate if an unpublished assignment has a grade attached


3. A clearer indication that an assignment is muted


Thank you.