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Questions About "View Results" in Quizzes.Next

Question asked by Sara Davick on Dec 20, 2018
Latest reply on May 24, 2019 by Sarah Donahoe

In the original quizzes, there are several options for how and if students can view their results.



It seems that in Quizzes.Next there is only the option to allow results to be view or not allow them to be viewed.



We often assign quizzes and want our students to see which questions they answered incorrectly, but want them to go back and find the correct answer (not have it given to them). Is this an option in quizzes next?


I know there is the option within the Quizzes.Next to give more specific feedback based on a student's answer, but I'm not sure if we can allow them to see the questions they missed without also seeing the correct answers


Can someone share any insight about what this looks like in Quizzes.Next?