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Does my institution or does Canvas/Instructure determine default notification settings for students specifically regarding grades?

Question asked by Jeff Schinske on Dec 30, 2018
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It has bothered me for some time that the default notification setting for grades is "on" in Canvas.  This article brings home the point: Mental Health Experts Worry Digital 'Open Grade Books' Are Stressing Kids Out | The California Report | KQED News Notably, the article is really only talking about open grade books, which I'm willing to deal with.  Canvas goes quite a big step further in not just having open grade books, but by default, having students receive notifications of every entered grade.  Such notifications will show up in students' inboxes, regardless of whether they even desire to see the notification at that point.  So if I use a best practice of incorporating lots of small opportunities for feedback each day, my students could receive 5-6 notifications (or more) per class day of graded assignments - each time getting a hit of stress hormones that cause a diminished willingness to make mistakes in class and possibly mental health issues!  We should not have to coach students regarding how to opt out of notifications and hope they take the initiative to turn off those notifications that could be harmful to their learning and harmful to mental health.  I'm trying to figure out if I need to address this at the level of my institution or with the broader Instructure group, which leads to my question above.