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Unable to edit answer for question within Question Bank

Discussion created by Learning Systems on Dec 27, 2018
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There is a question answer that I am unable to edit within a question bank. Upon further investigation, I was able to find out that the answer object for the particular answer that I can not edit has a "html" property which the other answer objects do not have as shown in the screenshot attached. This was the only difference that I could see between the answers for that question that may be the problem. 


There are also values that are effecting the questions which are: question[correct_comments_html], question[incorrect_comments_html], question[neutral_comments_html], which don’t appear in the Canvas API doc.

However, I’ve been able to set these values to null through the API. Changing the ‘html’ values overrides the normal ‘comments’ values, so that when you edit the questions again in Canvas, they lose their comments.

Changing the correct_comments values through the API overrides whatever is set as the correct_comments_html, and that then makes the question comments uneditable in Canvas.


Has anyone encountered this issue before and was able to fix it? I've had to work around the issue by making a new question with the same content.

This question bank is a result of a quiz import from a Blackboard export.