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What are Best Practices for using Canvas Catalog for Webinars?

Discussion created by Shalon Farris on Jan 2, 2019
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Our consortium is in the process of implementing Canvas Catalog for Professional Development. The majority of our professional development offerings consist of 1 hour webinars via a web conferencing service. We also offer some self-paced and online courses. These webinars and courses are usually offered once or twice each semester. 

  • How are you using Canvas Catalog for webinars that last approximately 1 hour and are conducted via a web conferencing tool?
  • What are best practices for structuring sub-accounts and courses in Canvas for Catalog courses? Is it best to create sections or individual courses each time? With the limited reporting that Canvas Catalog offers, I want to ensure that our sub-accounts and courses are structured in such a way for us to utilize Canvas reports as much as possible to help with the limitations of Canvas Catalog reports. 
  • What are best practices for pulling data for Canvas Catalog to show Return On Investment? Examples of some of the data we are interested in include:
    • Number of enrollments at a given time (so we can determine if a Catalog course should make)
    • Number of duplicated and un-duplicated enrollments per course/webinar for each semester
    • Number of facilitators/instructors along with the number of webinars/courses taught each semester
  • What are best practices for reviewing the number of enrollments at any given time to determine if a Catalog course should make? 
  • On the Catalog Analytics Dashboard, what does the "Start Date" indicate?


Thank you for your help! I look forward to learning more about how your institution is using Canvas Catalog.