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The organizational logic of Canvas

Question asked by John Arthos on Aug 3, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2015 by Stefanie Sanders

In Blackboard or Oncourse, I posted student assignments chronologically on, well, the "Assignments" page.  For example:


for Thursday, September 7:  Read [xxxxx] and write a short response paper.  Bring your paper to class.

for Tuesday, September 12:  Write an outline for presentation and hand in before class.

for Thursday, September 14:  blah, blah, etc.


But because Canvas automatically mirrors items I create in Assignments automatically to Gradebook, I'm encouraged (by to create "Assignment Groups" to keep the Gradebook categories manageably small.  However, such groups keep me from creating a chronological list of student assignments there, because the themed groupings would then conflict with or duplicate a chronological listing.  That kind of chronological list, however, I can do in Modules, because it does not automatically create mirror categories in Gradebook, yet it does allow me to embed links in the instructions back to assignments on the Assignments page.  So my assumption is that I create my chronological homework assignments list in Modules, which can be linked to the assignment contents in Assignments for granular directions, files, etc.


Is this correct?  I want to check before I set the whole course up this way.


Thanks!  John